Einstein’s weekend school for 8-12 years old adolescents – Place for the Future Geniuses!

Einstein’s School is a place, which has evoked an unprecedented response and has already helped hundreds of adolescents on their way to mental and emotional transformation.

This is the first platform in Georgia for the adolescents, which has integrated western standards in Georgian education system and started working on enhancing their thinking capacity and developing emotional intelligence.

Now, you can make the most important decision for the growth of your child’s mental potential.

In 2019 Einstein’s School has started registration on 2 main directions, personal development programs and future professions.

Personal Development Programs:

  1. Logic and Intelligence Quotient (IQ): The goal of the module is to develop logical thinking and intelligence quotient in adolescents. The lecturer will work on the following skills: Memorization techniques, quick-learning skills, quick thinking, reasoning skills, decision-making Skills, fast reading techniques, skills of understanding hard texts, logical and right thinking.
  2. Self-regulation and Emotional Quotient (EQ): This program is an innovation in the educational system. It is the first program, which works with adolescents on developing of emotional intelligence. The goal of the module is to help adolescents: control emotions in stressful situations, to self-regulate, to develop the empathy skills.
  3. Efficient Communications and Motivation: The module will help adolescents to develop communication skills, to discover their selves and to increase confidence.The program will work on the following skills: Verbal and non-verbal communications, self-evaluation and motivation, leadership, skills of presentation and public communications.
  4. Literacy and Modern Thinking: The main goal of the program is to develop in adolescent’s free and critical thinking, story-telling, writing and listening skills. Special Literature is chosen for this age range during this program, which will help the adolescents to advance critical thinking, creativity, argumentative reasoning and discussion techniques.
  5. Personal Development and Leadership: The program will help adolescents to discover their strengths, increase confidence and develop leadership skills. The main purpose of the program is to widen the future view of the adolescents, to help them set the goals and self-motivate. The program will give them opportunity to discover their advantages and develop skills, which will help them in achieving success.

Future Professions Program:

  1. Robot Programing: During the course students will learn how to set up robots, how they function and how to program them using visual code.
  2. 3D modelling and printing: During the program students will have opportunity to create different models, things and devices with their own imagination and then print them with 3D printer. Lessons also include elements of architecture, math and other subjects.

The price of Einstein’s Schools courses per month is 155 Gel. Each programs duration is 3 month. The whole amount is 465 Gel. Deferred Payment can be done via TBC Bank with 0% interest.

Registration on renewed 2019 programs in Einstein’s School has started.

Registration call is open till 5th September!

Registration Link: https://goo.gl/R6ngi8

Contact us: 577 422 045, 557 025 354